David Bennett MA, LMHC
Counseling, Consultation and Supervision
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Consultation and Supervision

My qualifications:

Approved clinical supervisor in the state of Washington

22 years as a clinical supervisor

30 years working in community mental health agencies

Even experienced therapists find themselves challenged and seeking help with difficult and complicated cases. Questions and concerns may include:

  • Treatment direction
  • Ethics and legal issues
  • Secondary trauma and self-care
  • Special populations
  • Therapist development
  • Transference/counter-transference issues
  • Case management

My consultation/supervision services are designed to support therapist development. Whether it’s one time consultation about a particularly difficult case or regular meetings, therapists utilize my years of expertise and training for support, perspective and education.

Services I offer include:

  • Onetime and ongoing clinical consultation
  • Regular supervision for associates accruing hours towards licensure
  • Group or agency consultation/facilitation/training