David Bennett MA, LMHC
Counseling, Consultation and Supervision
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Family Therapy

Being a child or teenager these days is difficult; being a parent is even harder.

There are probably hundreds of books written on how to raise and parent children, all claiming to hold the “keys” to parenting success. I specialized in family therapy for 12 years before adopting my daughter, and still found myself confronted with all the challenges inherent in loving and caring for a young person. Sleep problems, eating issues, emotional regulation (occasionally my own), behavior and discipline, school, first drivers license, have all been a part of raising a healthy and happy daughter.

Family therapy or counseling was developed as a way to strengthen communication and family structure, and help family members better understand each other’s needs and heart. Working with families, I utilize training and expertise in family systems to support communication and improve relationships, through questioning, discussion, identifying unhealthy or ineffective communication patterns and suggesting resources.

Over the years families have come to me for help with:

  • managing conflicts
  • improving communication
  • blended family and step-parenting issues
  • parenting skills
  • divorce related issues
  • the impact of a family member’s illness on family functioning 
  • dealing with the loss of a family member