David Bennett MA, LMHC
Counseling, Consultation and Supervision
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Hypnotherapy is a form of direct and indirect communication, utilizing our unconscious processes. Hypnotherapy can help access a client’s imagination in such a way as to bring about intended alterations in sensations, perceptions, feelings, thoughts and behavior. Hypnosis is a different state of consciousness from being awake or asleep, and is sometimes compared to the relaxed state of daydreaming. Hypnotherapy attempts to address an individual’s subconscious mind to support and encourage beneficial change using relevant and positive suggestion. Hypnotherapy is often combined with other psychotherapy and counseling techniques to support individual change, with the techniques used dependent on the issues the individual is seeking help for.

Hypnotherapy can be applied to a wide range of psychological or medical issues. In my practice I have utilized hypnotherapy to help people manage problems such as:

  • anxiety and stress conditions (social anxiety or test anxiety for example)
  • performance and concentration
  • pain management (such as preparing for childbirth or managing the effects of chemotherapy)
  • addictive behaviors like smoking
  • processing traumatic experiences
  • sleep
  • improving social comfort